Addiction Help

Most studies conducted through NCIS, NCPG, NCRG, and other credible researchsources on gambling behaviors, indicate that only a small percentage of thepopulation can be diagnosed with a gambling disorder. In Louisiana, theGaming Industry has consistently taken a leadership role in addressing thatpublic concern.

The Louisiana Casino Association (LCA) provides substantial financialsupport on an annual basis to the non-profit 501 (c) (3) privateorganization Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling (LACG). Thosegenerous contributions to date have totaled over one and a half milliondollars in addition to the independent LCA members donations. Due to thisfinancial help and contracts with the Department of Health & Hospitals, LACGhas been able to provide a residential treatment facility Center ofRecovery-CORE and the LACG Outpatient Programs. Combined these programshave been able to help over thousands of people with gambling problems since1999, as well as, all their family members. Due to its unique programcomponents, CORE has received referrals for treatment from 36 states and 3other countries. CORE's # is: (318) 424-HELP (4357).

LACG established and operates the Louisiana Problem Gamblers Helpline since2000. This toll free, confidential, 24 hours a day gambling specifichelpline has assisted over 600,000 Louisiana callers and over 1.5 millioncallers from across the United States. The LACG Helpline is primarily fundedby a contract with the Department of Health & Hospitals-Office of BehavioralHealth/NLHSD from the dedicated funds through the taxes paid by the gamingindustry. Problem Gamblers Helpline # is: 1-877-770-STOP (7867).

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